Michelle Hopkins – People Specialist

Michelle Hopkins is a dually registered Industrial Psychologist and Psychometrist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa

She completed her MCom Industrial Psychology through the University of UNISA, where she simultaneously also completed a Higher Certificate in Health and Safety at the same institution, while also completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Labour Law and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at the University of Johannesburg. Prior to this, Michelle also completed a BPsych Psychometrics Programme, an Bcom Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology, and a Degree in Industrial Psychology at the University of Johannesburg. Michelle has further completed a Diploma in Pastoral Counselling and is a certified BrainWorking Recursive Therapist. 

With a keen interest in psycho-legal matters, Michelle excels as a critical thinker. She derives fulfilment from guiding both adults and learners in identifying strengths and areas for growth, empowering them to make informed decisions and fulfil their potential. 

Michelle Hopkins epitomizes the pinnacle of professionalism and expertise within the field of Industrial Psychology, seamlessly blending her athletic prowess with her dedication to unlocking human potential. With an illustrious athletics background marked by 33 South African medals, three national records, and multiple representations of South Africa on the global stage, Michelle brings a unique perspective to her practice. Her experiences as a competitive athlete have instilled in her a winning mentality, resilience in the face of challenges, and an unparalleled work ethic, all of which she channels into her role as a Psychologist. Michelle’s compassionate heart and unwavering commitment to unlocking the latent potential within every individual are evident in her strategic approach to counselling and assessment. She believes that just as in athletics, everyone possesses a unique gift waiting to be discovered and nurtured. Renowned for her ability to blend strategic foresight with a meticulous eye for detail, Michelle embodies the quintessential A-type personality, operating at 360km/h in both her athletic pursuits and professional endeavours. Attorneys seeking an income specialist, parents in search of comprehensive psychometric assessments for their children, and individuals navigating the complexities of counselling all turn to Michelle for her expertise. 

Michelle is registered with the following: