As an Industrial Psychologist, I specialise in navigating the complexities of psycho-legal and psycho-labour domains.


Unexpected events such as motor vehicle accidents, personal injuries, medical negligence, or slip-and-trip incidents can profoundly affect not only one’s present income but also future earning potential. These circumstances may lead to unforeseen unemployment, abrupt career shifts, or even loss of support.


At Michelle Hopkins Consulting Psychologists, we specialise in evaluating past and future work capacity and subsequent earnings. Through comprehensive interviews, we delve into various aspects of the claimant’s life, including family background, academic achievements, skill sets, work history, and previous income. Moreover, we meticulously analyse the impact of the incident on the claimant’s employability and income potential, taking into account insights from medical experts.


Our approach aims to provide a holistic understanding of the claimant’s earning capacity and employability. By quantifying past income loss and projecting future income implications, we offer valuable insights for informed decision-making.


We offer a similar service for divorce claims, insurance claims and workplace injuries.


Count on us for prompt assessments, detailed reports, and expert witness services.


As psycho-labour experts within the realm of Industrial Psychology, our primary focus lies in evaluating and addressing the intricate dynamics of workplace interactions. 


With specialisation in assessing the impact of various labour issues, such as workplace bullying, unfair dismissal, employee or employer harassment, and other forms of misconduct that can profoundly affect an individual’s psychological well-being and their ability to reintegrate into the workforce, or an organisation’s ability to operate effectively, we assist labour attorneys or bargaining council’s in uncovering underlying work psychology issues that can have a large impact on income and wellness. Thus, through meticulous analysis and comprehensive evaluation, we strive to uncover the underlying factors contributing to these issues and how the individual or organisation is holistically impacted which is provides useful information for disciplinary procedures, CCMA claims or court cases. 


The ultimate goal is to empower both individuals and organisations in providing an analysis of the not so obvious psychological issues that impacts the employee and or employer.