Assessment Accommodations

Concession and accommodation assessments help determine necessary support for learners’ full potential.

Concession and accommodation assessments are crucial in determining the support needed for learners to reach their full potential, typically conducted during high school. 

We conduct these assessments to enable individuals with barriers to access appropriate concessions during exams, such as:

  • additional time
  • scribes
  • readers
  • amanuenses
  • prompters
  • spelling
  • handwriting accommodations
  • Braille
  • enlarged print
  • computer usage
  • medication and food intake allowances
  • practical assistants
  • rest breaks
  • separate venues
  • and special equipment.

Concessions are granted based on an individual’s average intellectual ability and significant long-term learning barriers or disabilities. Applications require documentation including psycho-educational assessments, medical reports, supporting historical evidence, teacher comments, school reports, and samples of work demonstrating the need for accommodation.